Medical Imaging Practices in Eastern Suburbs

Xray, OPG, DEXA (BMD/TBC), CT Cone Beam, CT low dose, Cardiac CT, Ultrasound, Mammography, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Echocardiography and Interventional Radiology (Biopsies/Injections) services.

Eastern Suburbs Medical Imaging Centres

PRP Moore Park

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Byron Kennedy Hall
Entertainment Quarter Errol Flynn Boulevard
Moore Park NSW 2021


  • Cardiac
  • CT Low Dose
  • Dexa (BMD)
  • Injections & Biopsies
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PRP Zetland

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Inside the Shopping Centre above Virgin on Level 5, East Village Shopping Centre
2-4 Defries Ave
Zetland NSW 2017


  • Cardiac
  • CT Low Dose
  • Dexa (BMD)
  • Injections & Biopsies
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Faster, More Accurate Image Results for Eastern Suburbs Residents

About Our Eastern Suburbs Clinic

Our clinics in Eastern Suburbs were strategically chosen to make PRP's services easily accessible for patients across the region. To improve the experience, we offer same-day availability for all imaging modalities- MRI, CT and Ultrasound.

Better equipment means more accurate results for Eastern Suburb patients

Over the years all PRP's locations have improved with advancements in technology and the improvements in equipment available for the services we provide.

Today, our Zetland practice offers the following modalities: Cardiac, CT low dose, Dexa (BMD), X-ray, MRI, Mammography, Injections and biopsies, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine.

Specialists for all of your needs

PRP prides itself on employing highly qualified specialists and technicians. Dr Olivia Bennett, at our Zetland practice, works with your referring doctor to provide the highest quality reports to ensure you get the best quality care.

Originally from Brisbane, Dr Bennett now lives locally and enjoys getting to know our referring doctors and patients well. Dr Bennett will be one of the friendly and caring faces when you come to our Zetland practice.

Medical Imaging Services

CT Scan

  • 10 - 20 minute procedure
  • Possible 2-hour fast
  • Be well hydrated
CT Scan Services


  • 15 - 45 minute procedure
  • Wear two piece outfit
  • Preparation given at booking
Ultrasound Services


  • 10 – 40 minute procedure
  • Remove all metal
  • Preparation given at booking
MRI Services


  • 5 - 20 minute procedure
  • No preparation required
  • Walk in service - no appointment needed
X-ray Services

Nuclear Medicine

  • 1 - 4 hour procedure
  • Some procedures are done in 2 parts on same day
  • Preparation given at booking
Nuclear Medicine Services

Injection & Biopsies

  • 20 – 60 minute procedure
  • May be unable to drive home
  • Additional observation time may be needed
Injection & Biopsy Services


  • 20 – 60 minute procedure
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Wear two piece outfit
Cardiac Services


  • 20 minute procedure (not including ultrasound)
  • No talc, deodorant or body lotion
  • Wear two piece outfit
Mammography Services


  • 20 minute procedure
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • No preparation required
BMD Services


  • 2 – 3 hour procedure
  • Preparation given at booking
  • Wear comfortable clothes with no metal
PET/CT Services

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