EOS® is a dedicated modality that specifically addresses
the unique needs of the orthopedic industry. The EOS
system simultaneously captures full-body, frontal and
lateral images. The X-rays are weight-bearing, giving
radiologists and surgeons a global assessment of their
patient in a functional position.

Low dose EOS exams provide accurate 2D images and
valuable anatomical 3D information throughout the
patient care pathway. The Micro Dose option further
reduces radiation exposure without compromising the
ability to generate 3D models. Using Micro Dose for
follow-up, pediatric exams is another important step
towards the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably
Achievable) and is particularly important for patients
with conditions that require frequent scans over the
course of their treatment.

EOS Services available at PRP Clinics


  • Lower dose then conventional Xray
  • Both 2D and 3D images acquired with one acquisition
  • Ideal for all spinal patients
EOS Services

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