PRP's Cardiac MRI Service Information


Fast for 2 hours

What happens during the procedure

Patient has special MRI safe ECG electrodes placed on their chest, and cannula inserted, Patient then put on scanned and connected to ECG trace to ensure heart rate and trace is appropriate. It is very important Patient remains still during examination, and will have to follow multiple breathing instructions.

How long does it take?

40-60 minutes

After your examination

There are no restrictions after having a cardiac MRI.

Your images and reports

After your examination, the most pertinent images from your study will be available on the myPRP patient portal. Reports take up to 7 days and will be sent directly, along with the images, to your referring doctor. PRP will store digital copies of all studies on our secure database for comparison with any future examinations.  Please bring any previous X-rays with you. It is important that you return to your doctor with your examination results. Whether they are normal or abnormal, your doctor needs to know promptly so that a management plan can be formulated.