Dexa (BMD)

DEXA Bone Mineral Density is the estimation of the bone density in your spine and hip – sometimes other bones such as the wrist.

a patient undergoing BMD Imaging

Dexa (BMD) Services available at PRP Clinics


  • Estimation of the bone density, typically in spine and hip
  • No preparation
  • Approx 15-30 minutes
DEXA (BMD) Services

Total Body Composition Measurement

  • Measures body fat distribution, muscle and bone mass
  • Looks beyond weight and the traditional BMI
  • Takes around 15 minutes
Total Body Composition Measurement Services

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What Our Patients Say About PRP

I recently had an appointment with PRP Imaging for a DEXA scan. I found the staff to be really friendly and were able to put me at ease. The DEXA scan itself was quick and easy. My doctor had the results on the same day.

-Ashling O’Brien