Biliary Scan

HIDA scan, Hepatobiliary scan, Gallbladder scan.

A Biliary scan is performed to assess the ability of the gallbladder to fill and empty as well as the function of the biliary ducts.

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Biliary Scan - What You Need To Know

What is a Biliary Scan

A Biliary scan is performed to assess the ability of the gallbladder to fill and empty as well as the function of the biliary ducts.

Please advise us beforehand

Please make staff aware if

  • You are or think you could be pregnant.
  • You are breastfeeding, claustrophobic and/or if you are the primary/sole carer for small children when you book your appointment.
  • You have had any reactions to injections used for imaging or have any dietary allergies.

Please bring any previous nuclear medicine scans or any other scans relating to the current problem.

How to Prepare For A Biliary Scan


· Have breakfast 8 hours before the test, then fast until the time of test. Drinking water is encouraged.
· Opiate medication (e.g. Endone) must be ceased more than 8 hours prior to the test.
· If you have any dietary allergies, please inform staff prior to the test.

How long does a Biliary Scan take

The test usually takes approximately 2 hours but can take up to 3 hours.

The Biliary Scan procedure

Part 1: You will be positioned under the Gamma Camera and given a small injection of a radioactive tracer. This injection shouldn’t make you feel any different and allows images to be taken of the biliary system. Images are commenced at the time of injection and are taken continuously for approximately one hour.

Part 2: Depending on the function of the gallbladder and the purpose of the scan, you may be given a meal replacement drink (Ensure Plus) followed by up to another one hour of continuous images.

Post Biliary Scan

After your examination

It is recommended that you minimise close contact with others (especially babies and small children) for up to 4 hours.

What happens to my results, Images and report

All images for your study will be available on the myPRP patient portal soon after your examination is complete. A report that includes a link to your study will be sent directly to your referring doctor. PRP Imaging will store digital copies of all studies on our secure database for comparison with any future examinations.

Normal and abnormal studies are both important for your management and PRP Imaging encourages you to return to your doctor for review of the results.

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What Our Patients Say About PRP

I would not go anywhere else for Diagnostic imaging. All staff from reception to radiographers are excellent, friendly and very caring. Thank you all for doing a wonderful job.

-Wendy Sharp