Billing and Fees

Thank you for choosing PRP Diagnostic Imaging as your medical imaging provider. We are committed to providing an exceptional service with world-class reporting and advanced technology in a safe, caring environment.

Navigating through medicare and out of pocket costs can be challenging. We understand that knowing upfront what your expenses may be is important. Please ask when you make your appointment and we’ll explain everything, including costs, billing issues and claims.

While most accounts are settled at the time of your appointment, we also offer an option of BPAY (Biller Code 230615) making it even easier to settle your bill.

Medicare Benefits

The Medicare Benefits Scheme has several procedures for which it does not include a rebate. For these procedures, PRP requires the patient to provide payment. Where it does include a rebate, we can assist you by lodging your Medicare claim electronically, so that monies are automatically sent to your nominated bank account.

Medicare Safety Net

If you are paying large amounts towards your medical expenses, you may be entitled to receive an extra rebate via the Medicare Safety Net. Find out more at Medicare Australia or call the Medicare hotline on 132 011.