First Digital PET/CT Scanner on the Central Coast

PET/CT (Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography) is the gold standard of cancer diagnoses and monitoring. It uses small doses of radioactive traces to effectively image the organs and tissue within the body. Due to its sensitivity, it has the capability of locating and diagnosing discreet lesions and increasing their visualization. PRP’s new digital PET/CT at our Gosford practice can produce extraordinary quality images with reduced scan times and a much lower dose than traditional PET/CT. More precise images lead to greater potential for an earlier diagnosis and a more definitive treatment strategy for the patient.

  • Better image quality improves diagnosis and follow up imaging

  • Reduced patient radiation dose

  • Faster scanning times

  • Reduced appointment wait times

  • Larger bore width for patient comfort

PRP Gosford

43 William Street
Gosford NSW 2250

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