PRP's Mammography Service Information

A Mammogram is an X-ray examination of the breasts using dedicated equipment that compresses the breast to maximise image quality. This imaging process aids in determining whether or not a lump is a gland, harmless cyst or a tumour.

Please advise us beforehand

Please advise us prior to the examination if you are or if you suspect you may be pregnant.


Please bring your referral, Medicare and Pension Health Care Cards with any previous imaging relating to the region being scanned.

Please don’t use talcum powder or deodorants on the day of the examination. We recommend wearing two-piece clothing.

What happens during the procedure

X-rays are taken from different views of each breast. Sometimes magnified views or localised views of particular areas are also obtained.

The breast is positioned on the reading plate and compressed with a plastic plate. This makes it the same thickness and is essential for good quality images.

We have full digital mammography which gives the best images with the lowest radiation dose. It also shortens the examination time as there is no waiting for film processing.

How long does it take?

A Mammogram takes approx 15 minutes.

Your images and report

After your examination, the most pertinent images from your study will be available on the myPRP patient portal. A report, along with the images will be sent directly to your referring doctor. PRP will store digital copies of all studies on our secure database for comparison with any future examinations.

Please bring any previous X-rays with you.

It is important that you return to your doctor with your examination results. Whether they are normal or abnormal, your doctor needs to know promptly so that a management plan can be formulated.