Dr Shane Morony - PRP Diagnostic Imaging

Dr Shane Morony


Shane joined PRP Diagnostic Imaging in 1997. He graduated from Flinders University in 1981 and completed FRACP training specialising in Paediatric Nuclear Medicine.

His training included a fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children, London and time spent at a number of specialist sites in the USA. Shane worked as Director of Nuclear Medicine, Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Adelaide. He was State Member ANZSNM 1992-3, President ANZSNM 1994-5, State councillor ANZAPNM 1995-6 and contributed to a variety of administrative, funding and education committees.

Shane has particular interests in Paediatric NM and associated imaging, renal and cardiac scintigraphy and associated imaging including CTCA (level B certification), quantitative techniques, PET and image co-registration.

Specialties – Cardiac, Nuclear Medicine, Oncology, Paediatrics, Sports Imaging, Urology